5 responses to “Mondial

  1. This is cool. I like the motion blur and the retro colours. What camera did you use for this one ?

  2. Thank you Kappii! I used my lomo lca with a fuji sensia film. My lca has no flash, so the effect is mainly because of the long exposure 😉

  3. ok Cool ! I don’t tend to shoot much colour but having said this I finally got my E-6 chems today (trying to get stuff in OZ is so hard at times !) so experimenting with some cross processing is on the tables soon !
    I do like to play around with long exposures too. Get some cool effects I think !
    Oh and good luck with your scanner hunt ! 🙂

  4. Good luck with your processing experiments! I didn’t know it was sometimes hard to get stuff in OZ. Beautiful country by the way. I’ve been there a few years ago, traveling from Sydney to Cairns in 6 weeks. Are you from the Gold Coast?

  5. Thanks ! Yeah it is, it’s really annoying when you gotta wait for some film chems, it’s probably because OZ is so far from everything ! But it’s a nice country. I’m in Melbourne, but Gold Coast is nice and I love tropical cairns !
    And you ? Where are you ?

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