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Cat's Eye electric guitar


Cat’s Eye interview: A l’ombre du Baobab, Radio Fribourg

Working Sunday

Recording update

I did a second drum session with Seb on Saturday. We now have 8 songs recorded. Three of them are mixed. There are 2 songs that I am recording and I’d like to compose a few ones more. I still have to choose titles, the song are called for instance by the date they were composed. Most of them contain a bunch of acoustic instruments, with very few keyboards. There’s some bass and drums on all songs so far. I’m into slap back echo on vocals, 50’s-60’s vibe!

One song a day keeps the doctor away

Doing the trick composing/writing/arranging/recording one song in one day maximum. I have 4 days so I keep counting new songs.

Proper recording session #2 for a new record

Today I did some recordings.

A “To do” list

Finishing lyrics for a song (working title “june23”, the day it was composed), then tracking vocals for it.

Some harmonica for the same song. Learning the vocal part for another song (“june 18”). Phrasing goes fast, so training before tracking could help to get a definitive track. As always, first take is looked for.

Some vocals for “june18”, some harmonica for “june23”, then vocals for “february23” and to finish, a bit of ukulele for “june18” chorus.

Written while listening to a Leonard Cohen’s record. He’s such a great songwriter and I like his low voice.

Video and picture from the Nouveau Monde gig

Finale of the gig on video