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My new album, “The Many Lives”, is finished

My new album, featuring Gerry Leonard (David Bowie guitarist/ band leader) is finished. It is called “The Many Lives” and will be released on Friday November 28. The release gig will take place in the Nouveau Monde at the same date. See you in September to hear the first single.


Hammond, vox, slapback

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A video

Melody’s Echo Chamber: I will follow

Leonard Cohen: going home

Leonard Cohen is currently on tour and back with a new album. It’s the first release of new songs since 8 years. The record is particularly inspired, well written with Cohenian humour now and then, like in the song below, going home. Self-derision. If you can see him live, rush for it: the man and his band are very generous, playing long and beautiful sets.

Cat’s Eye interview: A l’ombre du Baobab, Radio Fribourg

Release of the album The Myth Of The Machine

Here it is, here’s the release day of The Myth Of The Machine on digital! You can download it, either for free or the amount you wish. There will be a limited cd edition to be released on September 29, the day of the release concert & party. You can pre-order it by email me at yes at iamcatseye dot com for 10 sFrs, 10€ or 12$, port included.

Silent Pavement radio review

The new song “Silent Pavement” reviewed on air. Thank you Radio Fribourg!

Working Sunday

Outdoor live date on the “beach”

Cat’s Eye will play live at Fribourg Plage on Friday July 27th. So there’s gonna be sand, cocktails and music, yes!

Recording update

I did a second drum session with Seb on Saturday. We now have 8 songs recorded. Three of them are mixed. There are 2 songs that I am recording and I’d like to compose a few ones more. I still have to choose titles, the song are called for instance by the date they were composed. Most of them contain a bunch of acoustic instruments, with very few keyboards. There’s some bass and drums on all songs so far. I’m into slap back echo on vocals, 50’s-60’s vibe!

Mazzy Star, Fade into you

Some night dizzy folk tune. Turn the light off and play it!

One song a day keeps the doctor away

Doing the trick composing/writing/arranging/recording one song in one day maximum. I have 4 days so I keep counting new songs.

Today I’ve been…

cat's eye recording sessions 2011

Recording Seb on drums for the upcoming Cat’ Eye record.

Lisa Hannigan: Passenger

Lisa Hannigan’s new album has been released last month. It is simply beautiful.

Release of “Tokyo”, a free digisingle

Here is an instrumental track that you can grab for free called Tokyo. I have composed and recorded it in early 2005 and always thought to release it once, so here it is.

It contains samples from sounds recorded in the Tokyo Metro (which later ended on a track from my band Air Sonic in 2007) and a sample from Air Sonic’s first record, Blue Fiction. Taken from the song Secret Life.

Downloadable by clicking here or click on the arrow on the player.

Thank you R.E.M.

Proper recording session #2 for a new record

Today I did some recordings.

A “To do” list

Finishing lyrics for a song (working title “june23”, the day it was composed), then tracking vocals for it.

Some harmonica for the same song. Learning the vocal part for another song (“june 18”). Phrasing goes fast, so training before tracking could help to get a definitive track. As always, first take is looked for.

Some vocals for “june18”, some harmonica for “june23”, then vocals for “february23” and to finish, a bit of ukulele for “june18” chorus.

Written while listening to a Leonard Cohen’s record. He’s such a great songwriter and I like his low voice.