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Le Cintra

I’ll play during a special night on February 1st at the Cintra, Fribourg. I’ll play solo, but with a handful of special guests who will play a song or two with me. There is going to be new songs, songs from previous albums that I don’t play live frequently and some cover songs that are special to me.


Next gig and first of the year 2014

Hey there,

Cat’s Eye and band will play on Sat January 18 at the Bar King, in Neuchâtel, a very nice venue. The club entrance is at the back of the bar and looks like a wine cellar with barrels as bar tables.


Thank you to everyone who attended our show at the Fête de la musique, we had a lot of fun playing and were glad about your warm welcome.
I’ll play a one-man acoustic show on Friday July 19 at the Laviaux Folk Festival. We’ll play Hors Tribu Festival with the whole band on Friday August 19 in Môtiers.

See you!



Some pictures from the gig at Fri-son, March 1st



Photos by Dorothée

Elvis et Moi

Here’s the poster for the gig at Elvis et Moi in Fribourg, excellent rockabilly place!

Photos from the record release gig, Bad Bonn, Düdingen, September 29

Cat’s eye in Berlin: a documentary

Berlin documentary, cat’s eye live footage and album teaser!