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Cat’s Eye interview: A l’ombre du Baobab, Radio Fribourg


Release of the album The Myth Of The Machine

Here it is, here’s the release day of The Myth Of The Machine on digital! You can download it, either for free or the amount you wish. There will be a limited cd edition to be released on September 29, the day of the release concert & party. You can pre-order it by email me at yes at iamcatseye dot com for 10 sFrs, 10€ or 12$, port included.

On the radio

Silent Pavement is on the national swiss radio DRS Virus playlist. Thanks a lot DRS virus!

Cat’s Eye new video: An outline of everday

Magic day today with the wonderful Cécile and Serge. We made a video for the song An outline of everyday that will be on my forthcoming album. Release in September. Have a look and please share if you like it.

Cat’s eye in Berlin: a documentary

Berlin documentary, cat’s eye live footage and album teaser!

Silent Pavement radio review

The new song “Silent Pavement” reviewed on air. Thank you Radio Fribourg!

Silent Pavement, free download from new single: grab it!

To celebrate Cat’s Eye back on stage this summer, starting June 21st at Red Pigs Festival, here is a free song called Silent Pavement from the forthcoming album that will be released in September.

You can download it here: