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Release of the album The Myth Of The Machine

Here it is, here’s the release day of The Myth Of The Machine on digital! You can download it, either for free or the amount you wish. There will be a limited cd edition to be released on September 29, the day of the release concert & party. You can pre-order it by email me at yes at iamcatseye dot com for 10 sFrs, 10€ or 12$, port included.


Album theme

Oh yes and the theme of my new record is the “social mirror”. That’s why it’s called Perspectives. (Not only because of Gehry’s building on the cover).
By the way the picture hasn’t been deformed, the building’s really like that. Gehry’s the architect who recently build the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Interesting work, but he’s not one of my favorite, though I really like what he did in Prague.
What are your favorite architects by the way? Just post your answers on the comment page if you feel like.

Paper cup

This is the opening track of the album Perspectives. (Listen here)
It’s funny because when I composed it, I was ready to throw it away, thinking “it’s too obvious, too simple”… And when I previewed the album for some friends, everybody asked me why the other songs are not as cool as this one. Anyway.

What is it all about? I would say that these 2 sentences in the lyrics sum it up: “Watching the constellation we would unconsciously choose. Sometimes a dream makes your feet holding on the ground”.
I’m pretty sure.

This is the first song we recorded in the studio with Sacha. First day, a morning in summer, July. I recorded my guitar/pilot vocal tracks and them we added stuff. Sacha recorded the kick and snare, I played tambourine. Then I don’t remember in which order we did it, but Sacha laid some electric/acoustic/dobro guitars (I did some acoustic as well), bass and I played my “laptop garage band” hammond organ and some Rhodes. Then the vocals.