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Photos from the gig at Madame Claude, Berlin, July 20

Red Pigs Festival, June 21st, 2012

Photographs by Julie Queloz

Outdoor live date on the “beach”

Cat’s Eye will play live at Fribourg Plage on Friday July 27th. So there’s gonna be sand, cocktails and music, yes!

Summer dates announcement

I’m gonna be back on stage with my friends at the start of summer! We’ll play at the Red Pigs Festival in Payerne on Thursday June 21st, 7 pm. Red Pigs festival is an outdoor venue just outside an abbey church in the heart of the city.

On friday July 20st, we’ll play at Madame Claude in Berlin. I love this place and I’m very fond of Berlin, so I’m really looking forward to perform there!

Live pictures


Fête de la musique, les Arcades, Fribourg, on a roof top. (It’s nice to play on roofs) 😉

Very near the gothic cathedral that  we can’t unfortunately see on the picture…

It started to rain a whole lot when the set was just over, we had to run to save the gear…


Another one from the record release at the Bad Bonn, taken from the right of the stage.  Sorry the cam was not a wide angle one, so the rythm section aka Seb and Ben G are not on the frame, being too far left. (well if you search you can notice a bit of Ben G).

Usine à Gaz May 28


Fnac showcase from thu april 16




Pictures by Biscotte. It seems there was an erotic litterature week in the fnac the week we played. Look at the books behind us. Funny 😉
From left to right (first picture): Jacques, Mary, Seb and me.