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Around The Corner: video

A video of Around The Corner, track 2 of the upcoming double album. Images taken from the footage I shot last summer in New York. It’s homemade, just for the internet, just for fun.


The old man reading the papers

Shot in Pick Me Up Cafe, Avenue A, East Village. The suspenders with the flags caught my eye. Oh yeah and the haircut.

old man new york east village copyright benoît perriard

Leaving New York never easy

I’ve just spent an amazing week in New York! On the music side I realized
an old dream, playing on the monday night open mic at the Sidewalk Cafe, a place on East Village known for its anti-folk scene (Moldy Peaches, Regina Spektor, Beck). I played on the piano, well actually a detuned acoustic piano, I guess it must be… the “anti- touch” of the place.
Also brought back home new gear.

Sidewalk Cafe, East Village, New York