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Merci Hors Tribu Festival!


Red Pigs Festival, June 21st, 2012

Photographs by Julie Queloz

Vote for cat’s eye to play in the Caprice Festival

If you’re on Facebook, you can vote for Cat’s Eye to play the Caprice Festival. Just click on this link. It takes literally 4 seconds. Thank you!

Festival ticket rush and prices

Just wondering why people madly rush for music festival tickets these days. 110.000 tickets/130.000 have been sold in 45 min for a festival I often go to. 45 minutes! And moreover tickets get more expensive year after year and most of the time the prices are just highly indecent. Well I’m not gonna pay 150$ to see Leonard Cohen… Festival tickets for less than 100$ become the exception… God where do people find their budget to go to festivals all along summer?