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Some pictures from the gig at Fri-son, March 1st



Photos by Dorothée

Live photos from Fribourg Plage

Photography by Serge K. Keller.

Some press and electric line-up

Hey everybody, have an excellent new year 2011!

Here are some articles about my new record Beautiful Ordinaire. Click on the images to get a bigger size.

My next gig will be in the Nouveau Monde, Fribourg, on Friday February 4, 2011. We’ll play the electric side of the album for the first time. Here’s the line-up for the concert: Seb on drums, Staefan on electric guitars and backing vocals, Vincent on bass and me on electric guitar and vocals. The rehearsal are pretty loud!cat's eye beautiful ordinaire Le Matin

Cat’s Eye on TV


Photograph by Serge K. Keller

Photographs from the release gig at La Spirale, Fribourg, Nov 5, 2010

www.laspirale.ch. Photographs by Yvan Cougil

Take-away show(-like): Between These Walls

Here is the “Take-away Show” we shot earlier this month. We “stole” (or were inspired by?) the concept from lablogotheque.net, a french website. There are several principles, in order to make a video that is like an anti-high budget polished, 12-cameras, but still a little bit interesting. One of them is making only one sequence shot for the whole song. A second one is choosing an unexpected place to shoot and use it as it is, without moving/bringing stuff.

Mark Olexa was filming Seb and myself. We shot/played the song live in a bathroom. Seb used the toilets, the dustbin, the shower and a tambourine as percussion. The song I choosed to play is “Between These Walls”, which is my LP second track of part 1 of the album. It was a lot of fun making the video.

Mark edited it, worked on the grain, the tones, etc and here’s the result.