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A kiwi cross-processed: some vitamin

a kiwi photograph cross-processed

a kiwi photograph cross-processed

Here is some vitamin against the cold. A breakfast-time kiwi I photographed just before eating it.

lomography and photography: the holga

holga, japan

The Holga is a particular analog camera. The trick about this tool is that its interests resides in its imperfections… What imperfection and why? It’s not difficult to answer that. Every part of this camera is made of plastic, from the lens to the shutter. So it has a lot of lens “aberrations”, distortion, color saturation and so on. Oh and when it gets a little old, you can have light leaks. One characteristic feature of a holga photograph is the vignetting. As you can see on the image, the edges are darker than the center. And the colors: holga likes the skies and is providing magnificient blue tones.

But it’s not always easy to make a nice holga shot: because it needs a tone of light and is sometimes very approximate in focus, plus there’s just one shutter aperture and speed.

But when everything is set up, you can have some great results and effects you can’t get with another regular camera. If I had more budget for it, I would shoot a lot more holga pictures. But as it uses 120mm it’s quiet expensive to process.
Here’s a picture I did when traveling Japan, it was taken in Nara, one of Japan ancient capitals.

Lomography and photography

Time to shoot again! Nice light, nature waking up, every spring makes me going out with my cameras… Not that I don’t shoot regularly, but as I’m shooting partly with lomography’s lca and holga and they need a lot of light for good results, spring’s the time.

The digital vs analog photography war is most of the time really funny to me. Of course digital is user-friendly, easy to handle, cheaper to reveal because there’s no film process. But: I can tell the difference between a digital and an analog picture just by watching it a few seconds. I’ve made a blindtest and I had 10/10. Not that my eye is particularly good, but there’s a real difference. Digital still is cold to me and not yet at the top of what it could be. Analog is warm, organic and there’s this grain that you can’t find in any expensive digital camera. And I don’t feel like spending a whole lot of time behind my computer screen for post-production and analog imitating.

One day analog photography will just be history and then I’ll have to buy a digital camera… For now I think that digital photography still has to get better. When digital is really competing with analog, then maybe I’ll buy a digital cam… Though I love my Nikon F90, lca, holga (this amazing medium format cam made entirely of plastic) and so on.

Here’s a bunch of photographs I’ve taken on the highway a few weeks ago, around 6.30 pm…