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the new wim wenders movie

There’s a rumor saying that the new Wim Wenders movie will be presented in Cannes. Called the Palermo shooting, starring Dennis Hopper and Milla Jovovich… One of the greatest contemporary directors in my opinion. Paris, Texas, the Million Dollar Hotel, The Wings of Desire are among my favourite movies ever.

Shine a light

I’ve just seen “Shine a light” yesterday. Whether you like the Rolling Stones or not, if you like rock music it’s a nice experience. Beautifully shot, edited and most of all mixed: like when a cam’s getting close from a musician, the sound of him increases. I think it’s one of the coolest thing about the movie.

I think it has what I’d call the rock’n’roll soul all along: this thing that you feel about rock creating deep emotions, this thing that made me want to make rock music in the first place I guess. When you feel music from your chest flowing all around your body… Well that’s it for the limbic explanation, at least for today ­čśŤ

And cool end by the way, maybe the only cgi manipulation in the movie that we’re aware of.