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Reaper: not another DAW, the other DAW?

For audio recordists, maybe you’ve not heard yet of a recording software called Reaper. If one had to sum up this DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with a few words: convenient, affordable, well very affordable, solid, stable, compatible with much hardware or plugins. Plus its developpers are listening carefully to its users, making frequent (free) updates and trying to grant customer wishes. Yes it does exist! I have to admit I really dig their philosophy. People on forums sometimes talk about how they gave up famous DAW like Pro Tools, Cubase or Logic for Reaper. To be fair, let’s say that in terms of plugins they do not compete (yet?) with Logic or Pro Tools, but if you use third-party plugins, like most users do, it’s not a problem at all.


Damien Rice, Rootless Tree

Here’s a live version of Damien Rice’s Rootless Tree, that he recorded for a tv channel. This song is from his second record, called “9”. It shows Damien Rice’s music at his best: cool songwriting, deep interpretation, for a very emotional result.

Ok, we don’t feel like listening to Damien Rice anytime, because it’s mostly sad songs and of course it’s not suited for any occasion. But listening to his 2 albums, it’s clear that there’s not a lot of stuff to get rid of – if any – because he can write and interpret songs with a real intensity and authenticity that you don’t find a lot anywhere else.

His way to build his career is also quite interesting and honest. He recorded and mixed himself his 2 albums, recording at various places and houses. Once again this “Do It Yourself” road that we’re used to hearing a lot these days but here there’s nothing to do with marketing and the way to sell an artist.

The production and recording work in “9” is really better than what he did in “0”, but the songs in “0” have such a quality that you soon forget about this lack of recording and mixing techniques that would have made it a “classic” album, so to speak.