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Cliquer sur le chat

cliquer sur le chat Berlioz
This was http://www.iamcatseye.com website entrance from 2006 to 2008. Pictured on the polaroid is Mr. Berlioz.

Thank you very cheap polaroid flash for the overexposure.


Today I’ve been…

cat's eye recording sessions 2011

Recording Seb on drums for the upcoming Cat’ Eye record.

Winter Sky

Polaroid from December 2010

Recording and playing

copyright benoît perriard

Still composing, writing, recording and mixing. And mixing the mixes, remixed from the first mixes, if you know what I mean. Making a record takes some time. I try to keep as much first takes as I can, because they’re true, not scholar, uniquely clumsy. So basically mixing a song takes more time than recording it. I love doing both.

If you’re in Fribourg this saturday (July 3rd), don’t miss Spectacle playing in the Bilboquet after the football match. I’m an additional musician, playing piano, organ, guitars and effects. It should start around midnight.

Live pictures


Fête de la musique, les Arcades, Fribourg, on a roof top. (It’s nice to play on roofs) 😉

Very near the gothic cathedral that  we can’t unfortunately see on the picture…

It started to rain a whole lot when the set was just over, we had to run to save the gear…


Another one from the record release at the Bad Bonn, taken from the right of the stage.  Sorry the cam was not a wide angle one, so the rythm section aka Seb and Ben G are not on the frame, being too far left. (well if you search you can notice a bit of Ben G).

Usine à Gaz May 28