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Photos from the record release gig, Bad Bonn, Düdingen, September 29

Some press and electric line-up

Hey everybody, have an excellent new year 2011!

Here are some articles about my new record Beautiful Ordinaire. Click on the images to get a bigger size.

My next gig will be in the Nouveau Monde, Fribourg, on Friday February 4, 2011. We’ll play the electric side of the album for the first time. Here’s the line-up for the concert: Seb on drums, Staefan on electric guitars and backing vocals, Vincent on bass and me on electric guitar and vocals. The rehearsal are pretty loud!cat's eye beautiful ordinaire Le Matin

A digital EP, sort of

Hey everybody!

I hope you’re all fine. If you’ve read this page lately, you know that I’m currently recording some music in my (home)studio, which consists of distorted electric guitar layers/walls with double first-take improvised vocals, huge bass and kick. I record and mix myself. I’ve fun doing something completely different and it doesn’t mean that I quit acoustic guitars and vintage keyboards at all. I’m planning to play some gigs with songs from my album “Perspective” this year, with my musician friends The Breakies.

My current recordings virtually form an EP, to listen to it, click on this page and just press play. I just mean that I thought about a running order to listen to these tracks. I’m still into the “record” format vs 45rpm format, which is currently called “single”.

I will post some more photography when it’s done/processed/scanned.

See you all later,

Cat’s eye aka Ben.

Almost out

The record is almost ready for the factory. I can’t wait.  The musician/rec engineer I’ve worked with has yet to finalize the master.
Recording with him, this way, was definitively a cool ride.
No song (except a couple of items) was arranged before recording in the studio. The idea was thinking & arranging while recording. I was fed up with intellectualizing every note, line, performance.
We decided to play everything ourselves. Because this is how rock music works: our limits make our style. Because in the end we all use the same f chord progressions, instruments, gear. So we played guitars, keyboards, bass, drums (!well we tried to), laptop. We basically completed one song a day.  I’ve often finished lyrics behind the mic. It’s just crazy how you can be instictive when you work like that. Because at first I wondered if the lyrics would dramatically suffer from that.
So 10 days, 10 songs. But easily 15 days of mixing. And 5 masters. Mastering starting last september and modified when there was time to listen/write comments/think.

Track order

Track list… Looking for the right order for my record. I’m not sure, but it seems that I’ve found the “right” order. Do you also have this impression when you make for ex. mixtapes: there’s no objective rule but you know that in a certain order it works. Like it has to be like that, but you don’t really know why.


Cool cool cool I’ve just received the (nearly final) mastering of my record. I can’t wait to send it to the cd factory. I’ve been waiting for so long. I can’t wait to have the record in my hands, we’ve been working so much on it. When we have the physical cd I’ll probably have the feeling that the record is “really born”, if that makes any sense to you.