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Thurston Moore live, Bad Bonn, July 30, 2012

Photography by Benoît Perriard aka Cat’s eye

Cat’s Eye on TV

Around The Corner: video

A video of Around The Corner, track 2 of the upcoming double album. Images taken from the footage I shot last summer in New York. It’s homemade, just for the internet, just for fun.

A little film « making of », from the current recording sessions

Shine a light

I’ve just seen “Shine a light” yesterday. Whether you like the Rolling Stones or not, if you like rock music it’s a nice experience. Beautifully shot, edited and most of all mixed: like when a cam’s getting close from a musician, the sound of him increases. I think it’s one of the coolest thing about the movie.

I think it has what I’d call the rock’n’roll soul all along: this thing that you feel about rock creating deep emotions, this thing that made me want to make rock music in the first place I guess. When you feel music from your chest flowing all around your body… Well that’s it for the limbic explanation, at least for today 😛

And cool end by the way, maybe the only cgi manipulation in the movie that we’re aware of.